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This website contains businesses listed by Omar Kettani and his team within Coldwell Banker Case realty. Most listings are located within Toronto GTA. Some other Ontario businesses outside GTA are also listed if sellers have provided extensive written information. Omar Uses his expertise to select the businesses that present real value to potential buyers.

We recognize that buying a business is not an easy task. Potential business buyers need to be efficient in their search process. As business brokers, we recognize that a sellable business should either be profitable with a track record of success or present strong evidence for potential future profits.
Below are our current business listings ranked from the lowest priced to the highest priced:

If you are interested in one of these businesses, please click on the title for more information and then click on the "I am interested in this business" button to email us. Please keep in mind that we can only entertain serious buyers who are ready to buy a business. We advise potential buyers in their early stages to research the business buying process before inquiring about businesses for sale.

Businesses are only listed for a limited period of time, so visiting them when your timeframe for purchasing is long is generally a waste of time. Furthermore, buying a business requires adequate financial resources. Banks are generally very reluctant to finance small business acquisitions, especially with a large amount of goodwill. Since most profitable small businesses have a small amount of hard assets, the price is generally comprised of goodwill, inventory and the required working capital. As a result, small business acquisition requires buyers to look into their personal and family savings as the primary financing option.



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